Kim Bowl Honors

55th KWBA Women's City Tournament 2013-14

Eatmon's Well Service: 1st Place Team, 2402 (Peg Sanders, Katie Ryan, Liz Ferguson, & Ashley Baxendale

Kim Bowl: 2nd Place Team, 2334 (Debbie Marsh, Kim Kauffman, Patty Smith & Steph Pedersen

FirsTier: 3rd Place Team, 2334 (Nan Garrett, Teresa Anthony,& Shellon Anderson, Trish Lukassen, not pictured

Holy Rollers: 4th Place Team, 2334 (Sherry Olson, Colleen Franklin, Sarah Klussman & Patty Smith

Singles Winners: Pictured: Nan Garrett, 9th; Teresa Anthony, 8th; Jill Marks, 5th; Kim Kauffman, 1st.

Kris Biberos 2nd; Sherri Parshall, 3rd (pictured in Doubles); Bev Wilson, 7th (pictured in Doubles).

Singles Winners: Pictured: Liz Ferguson, 6th & Ashley Baxendale, 4th.

Winners: Pictured: Vicki Poss, 6th in All Events Scratch & Susie Abramson, 10th, Singles.

Singles Series: Kim: 702; Kris, 700; Sherri, 663; Ashley, 642; Jill, 637; Liz, 636; Bev, 627; Teresa, 621; Nan, 607; and Susie, 604

Doubles Winners: 1st Place, 1257: Kris Biberos & Geri Biberos

Doubles Winners: 2nd Place, 1251: Carol Hemker & Bev Wilson

Doubles Winners: 3rd Place, 1204: Margaret Cleveland & Kathy Walker

Doubles Winners: 4th Place, 1190: Dorothy Griffith & Tara McGraw

Doubles Winners: 5th Place, 1185: Sherri Parshall & Suzie Castagna

Kris Biberos, 1st Place Scratch All Events

Liz Ferguson, 2nd Place Scratch All Events

Geri Biberos & Cheryl White 3rd & 8th places Scratch All Events

Shellon Anderson, 4th; Sherri Parshall, 5th; Vicki Poss, 6th; Nan Garrett, 7th; and Trish Lukassen, 9th in Scratch All Events

Kris Biberos, 1st Place Handicap All Events

Kim Kauffman, 2nd; Sherri Parshall, 3rd; Liz Ferguson, 4th; Nan Garrett, 5th; Ashley Baxendale, 6th; Geri Biberos, 7th; Teresa Anthony, 8th; and Margaret Cleveland, 9th in Handicap All Events

KBA OPEN City Tournament 2013-14

1st Place Team: Forever Friends Photography, 2708 (TJ Crow,Mike Crow,Jeni Gompert,& Robert Lulf--not pictured)

2nd Place Team: Kim Bowl Team, 2642(Scott Smith,Steve Kauffman,Kim Kauffman, & Paul Anderson--not pictured)

3rd Place Team: The Pit Crew, 2599 (Bob Jenner,Les Reemts,Bruce Sigette, & Ron Scott)

Singles Winners: 1st Place, Kelly Garrett, 754; and 3rd, Mitch Brown, 715

2nd Place, 753; and 4th Place, Mike Crow--pictured in Doubles section

5th Place, Terry Bourlier, 692--pictured in All Events Handicap section

1st Place Doubles: 1443, Chuck Frakes & Jeff Anderson

2nd Place Doubles: 1392, TJ Crow & Mike Crow

3rd Place Doubles: 1357, Les Reemts & Bob Barrett

Mike Crow, 1st Place Scratch All Events

Scott Smith, 2nd Place Scratch All Events

Kelly Garrett, 3rd Place Scratch All Events

TJ Crow, 1st Place Handicap All Events

Mike Crow, 2nd Place Handicap All Events

3rd Place Handicap All Events: Bob Hemker & Terry Boulier (5th Place Singles)